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These sightings have been recorded by visitors staying in the cottage or on a guided tour.


April Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
6/4/18 14:30 Front of Cottage Otters, [3] 10 Mins. Mother and cubs between the bay in front of the cottage and the Lighthouse..


March Sightings

DateTimeObservation PointDetails
24/3/18 Var Front of Cottage Otters [3], Mother & Cubs, Mother caught a large fish. Cubs playing in water.
to Var From the Hide Otter, Big Dog Otter on the Skerries.
31/3/18 Var ? Porpoises [3].
17/3/18 10:40 From the Hide Eider Duck [20+], 10 Mins. Raft of Eider drifting between the bouys.